August 16, 2017

Stellar systems and also our galaxie – just gravitationally bound?

Filed under: Letters from Ionia — zankaon @ 4:40 pm

Copernicus’, Kepler’s, Newton’s, and Einstein’s General Relativity respective models – all describe a bound Solar System, eventually rendered as gravitationally bound by Newton, and interpreted as curvature by Einstein. Would this always seem necessary, and sufficient?

The following list of vignettes, assuming negligble gravitational field, develop the concept of angular inertia, in turn derived from angular momentum transfer, such as for Oort cloud formation, and for any outlying neutrino belt formation; and perhaps heuristicly even for our galaxie?

Earth as a solid sphere rotation, with no contribution to conservation of angular momentum from interior? Angular momentum exchange for closed systems. Angular inertia for Oort cloud, and even for our galaxie?

Modeling and gravitational potential tappering? Angular inertia for Oort cloud?

Calculations and gravitational potential tappering – a problem? Angular inertia? Motion for our Sun, as part of a binary system? Parallax resolution?

Comet 67P – a 3-body problem? Model for hot jupiter re-location? Ice. Neutrino belt? Gravitational interactions, or angular momentum transfer, with resultant angular inertia? Cryo-chemistry. Titan’s chemistry?

Planetesimal of comet material at Lagrange Point of overlaping ‘Oort’ clouds?

Oort Cloud – not gravitationally bound? Hence angular inertia describing outer extent of stellar systems?


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