September 14, 2015

3-D mobius strip and duration of moon formation?

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The similarity of isotopes for earth and moon would not seem consistent with just a glancing collision, with survival of a large intact portion (lacking core) of the moon.

In contrast, might tidal effects of earth result in a twisting (stirring?) of a band (i.e. tube) of matter in some sort of asymmetrical orbit after collision of pro-earth and a planetesimal; a dynamic 3-dimensional mobius strip effect? Might such twisting and turning i.e. kneeling, be more plausible than any direct gravitating of orbital matter? Hence shortening the duration of moon formation? Might a similar process shorten duration of terrestrial planetary formation?

Also perhaps another effect: a larger surface obstructing ‘fluid’ flow; thus resulting in an accumulative enlarging object? Then would latter onset of spherical shape for object seem consistent eventually with a gravitational contribution?

So the impotance of physical surfaces, not necessarily chemical  nor electronic; rather in an adsorptive sense. Also collision, friction, heat, and perhaps a resultant melding of surfaces (such as pebbles) into larger aggregates. But stil a long road to planetesimal scale?



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