December 17, 2013

Infrared signatures in Young Stellar Objects (YSO). Mass inflow. Fission star – red dwarf?

When does fusion turn on in a YSO young stellar object; what is it’s infrared signature for before and after such transition? Is it a graduated transition? That is, might fission precede such fusion onset? Might any proposed transition stage have both fission and fusion processes? Such different infrared signatures for the two processes would seem mass independent. Might YSOs then start out with an infrared signature like that of a red dwarf and brown dwarf if (since?) both have the same fission infrared signature? Fission has a stronger infrared signature than for fusion. Thus do YSO have both a fission and subsequent fusion stellar nature; or combined for any gradual transition, with gradual weakening of infrared signal? Hence an enlarged stellar definition, even for YSO?

In addition to a distinguishing infrared signature, might a red dwarf also have a X-ray signature, from gamma rays associated with fission?

Also if all stars, including nascent YSO, have a magneticfield‘, might inflow of charged mass be via magnetic field, and vortical flow along magnetic lines into one magnetic pole? Might there be exchange of momentum between charged and uncharged particles, with resultant momentum inflow of ‘entrained’ mass into one magnetic pole? Hence obviating the necessity for accretion disk inflow of mass in YSO?  also see TMM


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