April 10, 2016

Is dendritic play the thing? Stochastic resonance?

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Might more rapid firing of cortical neuron of pyramidal brain tissue reflect a background activity corresponding to dendritic interactions per se? Whereas slower firing, associated with consolidation of memory, might  be more associated with other spatial and temporal neuronal functioning. Might enhanced dendritic density, and functioning, be associated with enhanced background activity, and associated with enhanced plasticity?

Might this be an example of stochastic resonance, wherein background activity (noise-like) enhances the signal to noise ratio; such as for our activities, electronic circuits etc.? That is, might background ongoing activity of dendrites themselves provide a josling of the system, so that it responds more rapidly to a lower frequency signal, associated with a retained neuronal pattern i.e. consolidated memory?

Grosmark A.D., Buzsaki G. , Diversity in neural firing dynamics supports both rigid and and learned hippocampal sequences, Science March 25, 2016, vol 351, issue 6280

PLoS stochastic resonance

synaptic noise

Front. Neural Circuits, 22 December 2015 |, Corticothalamic Synaptic Noise as a Mechanism for Selective Attention in Thalamic Neurons,
Sébastien Béhuret, Charlotte Deleuze and Thierry Bal




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