June 15, 2014

Eventual void dominance in mass density?

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Might voids eventually predominate in mass density? That is, if there is an ongoing finer scale nucleosynthesis for all stages, with local gradual accumulation, then for larger void 3-volumes, might there be eventual predominance of mass in such voids? Our superclusters would then become the new dark matter. So is our current perspective quite atypical compared to very long duration ‘universe’ ?  

However early universe clustering of galaxies, revealing continuation of such pattern from BC, would seem consistent with no finer scale ongoing nucleosynthesis NS_L . Since if there were such NS_L , then over long duration of universe there would be significant accumulation in voids, resulting in domination of mass density for such larger volumes; hence a new different pattern of greater mass in voids’ clustering. This is not what we see, nor infer, is it? So NS_L model, supposedly most evident in voids, would seem implausible.

Also see revised c/p/c 76, 51 at  zankaon



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