January 25, 2016

Only one road to fusion?

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For stellar fusion interactions, such as for our atypical star i.e. Sun (~12% of stars?), might more than just higher energy be required? That is, even though for Big Bang nuclear synthesis NS one has a very high energy level, does this necessarily imply that interior of our sun must also have such energy level and temperature equivalent? That is, a black body spectrum with a spike of~  1 million degrees for central region of a star, would not seem suitable.

Might a physical phase change, even for minimal mass density, pressure, and temperature change, suffice to facilitate fusion? Is even cold fusion back, with perhaps more realistic findings?

Might a catalyst, such as a metal (ionized iron?) and/or microscopic surface, facilitate adsorption and interactions? This would seem analogous to chemistry, wherein even if the thermodynamics is favorable, still suitable kinetics, such as a catalytic surface, metals etc. is required for transition state(s) central region.


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