February 17, 2016

Physical phase change detection for stellar or gas giant interior?

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Might it be ascertainable whether one has a physical phase change for interior of star, or Jupiter? For example, if gaseous for all of interior, then would one just expect an increase in angular velocity with depth, associated with bulk decrease in moment of inertia?

However if a physical phase change to a liquid with depth, then might there be a marked Doppler /radar surface change in such (orthogonal to radius) tangential velocity? Hence distinguishable from just a gaseous description? Or for a critical temperature, might there be a supercritical fluid state?

Might current technology allow for such tangential motion detection with greater depth? For example detection at an oblique angle from orbit; hence detecting a component tangential motion of composite result, after an overhead radial component is subtracted?

Might the simplest model for interior of Jupiter be that of an earth (mercury) like outter/inner core description, based on similar magnetic field profile?

Also might the comparative difference in magnetic field strength for sun vs jupiter, perhaps suggest a plasma generator layer for the sun vs liquid iron generator core for jupiter?


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