May 13, 2014

Are we lost in the System? Global symmetry.

Are we lost in the System?
That is, if we share the same common cosmic time, then every patch of manifold, for our 3-volume, observes the same modified global interdependent variables’ values i.e. same Hubble parameter and large scale peculiar velocity. Likewise for all manifolds in one plane, and also for all planes of UT total universe, for our common ‘now ‘ i.e for a positive definite Modified Global Simultaneity stage. Then also persistence of such pattern for all UT s ∈ {UT‘, …}≡S divergent set, for evolving System. Wouldn’t this all seem like transformation with invariance of symmetry? Also then wouldn’t it seem consistent with the same local physical description (gauge etc.) everywhere? So would where and when a cognitive component (i.e. we) resides, and gains awareness in the System, not seem to be of significance? Also see SRM c/p/c 58, 26, 94, 207 of consistencies/predictions/conjecturesat zankaon website.
More specifically, allegedly there is modified global symmetry under modified global (in MGS sense) change of interdependent modified global variables. So in SRM, no introduction of a new field i.e. interaction, since no description of going from global to local symmetry transformation. That is, in SRM just a modified global transformation and invariance, without utilization of going to local gauge invariance (i.e QFT, GRT) and associated new interaction – see SRM Section 36. This would be in counter-distinction to GUTs, inflation, and superstring models, and some (all?) alternatives to General Relativity Theory GRT – all of which introduce new local fields.
In addition to such modified global symmetry and symmetry transformations, in SRM one also might utilize analogy of modified ‘conceptual choice’, giving rise to what may be referred to as modified conceptual ‘solution’; for example, observation of modified global pattern i.e. Large scale streaming LSS motion. Such modified choice would not seem unique. That is, other modified choices could seemingly be made, such as another total universe UT , another plane, another Regional Volume VR, another location in VR.
Also allegedly, there is no symmetry-breaking (i.e. no hidden modified global symmetry) analogy applicable to SRM. Rather modified global symmetry is allegedly locally manifested i.e. observable. For example, observed large scale streaming LSS of our Local Cluster is considered as having modified global etiology; allegedly a manifestation of modified global scale, revealed and rendered as modified global tangent vector to trajectory of 3-volume manifold’s outward log spiraling, in SRM scenario. In part, see revised SRM c/p/c 56.  TMM

see SRM page at


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