April 7, 2013

Geodesic ‘reconnect’ within polar vortex of modified black hole?

Might one consider an analogy to magnetic reconnect; that is, geodesicreconnect’; would this torsion i.e. sufficient twisting of manifoldWould this be non-relativistic, and hence not part of GRT?

In contrast, in an entanglement sense (broader perspective), one would have instantaneous shifting of geodesic of test particle to a new location in polar vortex. How might one test for such considered geodesic ‘reconnect’ ? The vertical component of motion for test particle to new location, would result in redshift, for climbing out of gravitational well; whereas movement to deeper in well, would give blueshifting i.e. energy gain, with resultant increased frequency for radiation; thus perhaps jumping back and forth of emission lines? Such considered geodesic ‘reconnect’ scenario would have to occur at higher energies deeper in gravitational well of polar vortex. Hence one would expect more pronounced shifting of uv emission lines, than for just at gravitational radius. Such movement (jumping or sliding?) of emission lines, might be considered associated with turbulence, and thus intermittent viewing; however this might seem to be for penetrating uv ~ same for at gravitational radius, or for deeper in potential gravitational field of polar vortex. Energy scale sufficient to give such twisting of geodesics, might also seem sufficient to generate gravity waves, which in addition to twisting description, might also have ‘reconnected’ instantaneous shifting of patch of gravity waves to another location, such as cone of polar vortex of modified BH, such as for short duration GRB. Such gravity wavereconnection’ would not be relativistic nor part of GRT.

Would considered coalescing black holes have sufficient energy for such twisting of geodesics, and geodesic ‘reconnection’, as for particles and gravity waves? Thus would particle geodesic ‘reconnect’ model suggest what might occur with gravity waves? Might polar vortex also serve as a convenient model and workshop for what might occur at Planck scale?

In contrast, might one just have magnetic reconnect accounting for suggested uv emission line jumping, sliding, or shimmering? That is, path (rendered as magnetic field line) of a charged particle, in magnetic field, at any depth in polar vortex? Would intensity of magnetic field be proportional to circumference of plasma current, for example our sun’s vs Jupiter’s magnetic field? Then might smaller volume galactic BH be consistent with more intense magnetic field? Might one also have magnetic reconnect across event horizon anywhere, for black hole? That is, for a charged particle following magnetic field line (non-geodesic) for inside horizon, might it suddenly jump non-relativistically to outside BH event horizon? Another way for quanta and energy to escape from interior of black hole; also consistent with thermodynamics?

see for update on entanglement, and the scenario of colliding (merging) beams, with instantaneous displacement of energy from interior of BH to cone of polar vortex. TMM

magnetic reconnect.


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