February 15, 2013

Is the quantum world and physical vacuum necessary?

It seems that just electro-magnetism and mass would be sufficient. The latter, adding longitudinal polarization, and thus another degree of freedom; hence more interactions. In contrast, de Sitter’s massless expanding hyperbolic (?) space would seem more minimal. Would myriad quantum interactions, real and virtual, be consistent with the adage ‘anything not forbidden, well occur’ ? For example, for alleged Fermion mass spectrum for very early universe, especially at minimal modified global radius stage of 3-volume log spiral trajectory; see zankaon web SRM page?

Would such quanta interactions’ manifestation be consistent with a more general pattern, such as entropy? Might even a more general ongoing maximizing (or tendency towards) of cardinality of sets i.e. Modified Set Model (MSM) generality, be consistent with ongoing maximizing (or tendency towards) maximizing of entropy? So might a more general entropic description be a simple pattern consistent with such quantum (real and virtual) interactions, and thus for physical vacuum, for > Planck scale, and just some sort of general abstraction for < Planck scale? So is the quantum world, including physical vacuum, necessary for our System, and thus consistent with alleged more general pattern of MSM generality?


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