May 10, 2013

Javascript, toolkits; a model for behavioral routines?

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Might javascript, and toolkits (frameworks), utilized in constructing applets (such as for smartphones), serve as a model for behavioral routines? The constructed script files of such applets can sometimes seem incomplete; yet they may be functional, in part or fully. The library for toolkits has many pre-programed script files, utilities etc. For a new applet script file that seems incomplete, might the server refer to such library and select a generic script file(s) from the same category, for example. Or perhaps algorithmically redirect to a set of files, and then select any files that might seem useful in enhancing functionality of such applet. Thus supplementing and complementing an incomplete applet? Hence a seemingly inadequate script file for applet functioning, becomes workable, although perhaps not optimized.

Might such scripting language and toolkit simulate routines that constitute a large part of our daily activity? That is, might a set of applets describe a significant part of such activity? This is different from associative learning, for example, for a dog (anecdotal) or mouse model, wherein an olfactory spatial map seemingly is laid down. Thus might such above incomplete, seemingly inadequate applet construction serve as a model for human and animal behavior, in part? Human routines often times seem an approximation, a vague generalizing, a muddling through – yet they seem to work, despite such inadequacies; likewise for seemingly incomplete applets? Thus is the latter a model for the former set of behavior routines? TMM


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