June 17, 2016

Fermion mass spectrum and color interaction

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For alleged exponential extremes of fermion mass spectrum for very early (<<10^-12 second) universe, since SU(3)  (?)  is still sufficient, might one also have an increase in rate of quark flavor changing, and of rate of quark gluon emission and absorption, and of rate of gluons’ interaction; more so for massive gluons? Also heterogeneity of gluons i.e. clumping, would seem more typical, and consistent with glueballs; rather than just the idealization of randomness.

So if most of mass of proton from gluons; then like a ‘pudding’ of gluons, with a few quark ‘rasins’ ? A resultant more entropic and information generation descriptiveness? More consistent with MSM generality i.e. the ongoing maximizing of cardinality of sets, in comparison to alternative scenarios?

Recent pentaquark discovery would be consistent with such higher generations i.e. fermion mass spectrum, and other so-called superhadrons (clumping of quarks) for earlier fraction of <<10^-12 seconds of universe.

penta-quarks for mister Mark!

Also running Big Bang forward, for fermion.mass spectrum, then neutrinos would become no longer descriptive. However from perspective of System SΞ{U_Τ}, an entanglement of manidolds, such neutrinos would again become descriptive for Big Crunch. Hence massive quanta and  manifold are preserved. Thus creatio ex materia, and not creatio ex nihilo.

So such fermion mass spectum and entanglement would be consistent with cyclicity of Big Crunch -> Big  Bang.

‘the first shall be last

and the last shall be first’

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