October 15, 2014

Know thyself

‘Know thyself’ is the ancient Greek adage. However incompli? Should there be awareness of something else?

ξέρω λόγος –  Is this the missing adage counter part? Or logos nosis  Know the Word  How does this differ from knowing the Tao (the Way)? So if in the beginning there was the Word, is it not all together suitable that what ensues (unfolds) should not only know little self, but also know a larger context i.e. not little self ; rather it’s complement?

Winged victoryWinged Victory of Samothrace


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  1. Perhaps a component (i.e. element of a set) becoming more aware of a greater composite (overall set) of which it is a part?

    Comment by zankaon — October 28, 2014 @ 9:55 am

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