July 16, 2016

Internal luminosity: source for Jovian cloud bright bands?

Filed under: Letters from Ionia — Tags: , , — zankaon @ 11:53 am

If no external lighting source for apparent brightness of Jovian cloud bands, might such backlighting be from emission radiation of ionized plasma (i.e. florescent Lyman alpha emission?) at a somewhat deeper layer? Might such emission radiation have some association with ionized gas (plasma) moving along so described magnetic field lines at a somewhat deeper layer? Is there any relationship of luminosity intensity to density of so-called magnetic field lines?

Might any variation of band luminosity be due to cloud band density, rather than composition, and not variation in luminosity source? Might greater density of higher Saturian clouds  explain it’s darkness?
Might one entertain an analogy of a luminous corona associated with mass injection and magnetic re-connect i.e. stressed magnetic field? And adapt such processes to deeper jovian layered plasma?

Also might there be no ice crystals in upper cloud layers; since if there were, then would any alleged backlighting seem to result in refraction observable effects?



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