March 1, 2014

Cosmic time – an analytical engine? Integers – analytical?

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Might one explore a neighborhood about an abstract mathematical object, representing an element of a set of integers; likewise for all elements? Would such exploration in neighborhood involve inbetweeness (i.e. continuity) and smoothness concepts for such 1-manifold, extruded to 3-dimensionality, even if no sea of irrationality of reals?

Would it be sufficient to map integers to a set of positive definite moments (yet always exponentially changing, and thus essentially analytical-like), describing so-called common cosmic time as an analytic engine? Hence then can integers be described as analytical, in context of this model? Is thus the  flow of  cosmic  time  not only always exponentially changing, but also very smooth, and even seemingly analytical?

see  SRM page.  Also see philosophy of time blog.

Could one then have two concomitant renditions of an overall common cosmic time; the Hubble Expansion, intrinsic to changing 3-volume, and MGS Modified Global Simultaneity (set of concentric shells of positive definite thickness) intrinsic to an evolving dynamic System, described as an entangled array of manifolds, endlessly evolving?

Reiterating, are we part of a System S≡{U_T’, …} of entangled 3-manifolds, on respective equiangular spiral trajectories, and changing 3-volumes, both incessantly exponentially changing? As if we are part of an overall System; an endlessly evolving analytical engine?   aperion ἄπειρον



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