July 10, 2012

Core samples: geological and biological?

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More recent intention is to drill into mantle. But hasn’t the Hawaiian Big Island conduit already give us isotopic results etc. from core/mantle boundary?

Also drill into sedimentary abyss for a core sample, measuring carbon content – gradient or constant, relating to abundance of life, assuming all carbon is being re-cycled. The dominant (or significant?) fraction of planetary life? Perhaps utilize a remote controlled submersible with a donut-like center with a griping mechanism for a segmented conduit casing pipe, together with a small derelict for casing positioning. Like ATP motor in mitochondria? Have spiral groves on exterior of casing, for advancement. Then reverse the electric motor to extract casing and use flotation devices to float segments to the surface. Is such engineering possible? Alternatively and easier, might one drill into Ontong Java (~6000 ft?) sediment, assuming it is still a representative sample of what deeper ocean basin (15,000 ft?) bio-mass might be like?

Might remote control drilling (5 mm diameter?) be adapted to Mars, for drilling into so-called martian rock ice? Then testing by comparing amperage utilized to that of similar set up on earth, for drilling into earth ice. The difference in amperage utilized would seem proportional to relative density. Also one could slice open suspected meteors here that might be of martian origin, take zoomed in digital photo, place surface in sun, and repeat such photo, looking for evacuated pits; indicative of martian ice rock inclusions?


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