February 17, 2014

Astrophysical Setting for Magnetic Monopoles and Bose-Einstein condensates? Inflation? Maxwell’s equations revisted?

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Might recently demonstrated magnetic monopole, inferred from it’s effect on phase of a particle in such different geometry of monopole-magnetic field, have an accessible astrophysical site? The demonstration was at a very cold temperature with Bose-Einstein condensate. Such cold environment would also characterize space, such as surface of asteroid or of the moon.

Hence a landing machine would seem capable of demonstrating the abundance of magnetic monopoles, superconductivity, superfluidity (all related to Bose-Einstein condensates) in larger more typical arena of space and ‘universe’. Also might an external platform of space station be suitable for demonstration of prevalence of magnetic monopoles etc.?

Would such magnetic monopole discovery, and likely prevalence in more typical colder environment of the universe, be a counterpoint to inflationary models supposedly accounting for absence of magnetic monopoles? Also need Maxwell’s equations be revisited?

M.W. Ray, E. Ruokokoski, S. Mandel, M. Mottonen, D. S. Hall, Nhtml Vol 505,  30 January 2014, p. 657.


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