December 22, 2015

No braner after thought: colliding branes and radiation pressure? A topological rendering?

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Might a variant brane model utilize increasing radiation pressure of smaller colliding 3-surfaces? Would increasing energy density, as branes contract, effectively be preceived as a surface by such colliding 3-branes? Hence a rebound off of such colliding effective surfaces?

Thus in an overall perspective might one have radial infalling of a set of 3-branes, resulting in collision and rebound; subsequently perceived as Big Bang from perspective of each 3-brane? Similar to original inflation?

Do rain drops coalese?

However isn’t the above a topological problem? That is whether 3-branes are pressurized or not is then irrevalent. So perhaps using curvilinerar topologically equivalent surfaces with integers or rationals; then explore the neighborhood of such element of set; or perhaps power series expansion about an element of set, or possible contiguous sites.

see zankaon web site.


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