October 29, 2015

Prefabricated ‘universe’ – Is clustering typical? Entanglement and the violation of the conservation of energy

Clustering of galaxies (sparce sampling tracing clustering of dark matter?) has been detected to approximately 400-600 Myrs after Big Bang, near reionization stage i.e. after dark age, wherein latter commenced after recombination at ~370,000 yrs post Big Bang. But there isn’t enough time for gravitation to account for such observed clustering, nor for galaxy formation, nor for any supermassive galactic black holes, if the latter exist. But what else could account for such findings? Contination?

Assuming a model of eventual re-contraction i.e. Big Crunch, then before such final demise of our ‘universe’, would such clustering and galaxies in principle seem no longer discernible? That is, for a very old ‘universe’ might essentially all baryonic matter become non-luminous? Yet following distribution of dark matter. Then in such model, for next successive ‘universe’ , would such clustering and galaxies’ luminous reappearance at ~ 400-600 Myrs, give an overall prefabricated appearance to early universe’s overall pattern and structure of dark and luminous matter? But differing examples, such as massive stars and supernovae, indicative of differences between BB and BC. Further differences – sufficient time for dwarf galaxie and globular cluster formation?

Thus by broadening one’s perspective, does the overall System take on a certain global pattern appearance? For eample, fermion mass spectrum, with neutrinos no longer descriptivne for unfolding universe. Such violation of conservation of energy, implies a non-local modified global explanation. Thus entanglement of past overall Big Contraction pattern, with the subsequent Big Expansion stage, revealed?

So in entanglement sense, might more typical clustering of galaxies for Big Crunch, be perceived as a continuation description of overall reappearance in early universe of subsequent Big Expansion? Similar to cosmic neutrinos entanglement description (and subsequent disappearance) for early universe; and their reappearance for Big Crunch?

Hence seeming to reveal continuation of a global pattern for the System? Might such entanglement with past ‘universe’ explain ‘origin’ (i.e. continuation) of mass, angular momentum, clustering, and overall galaxy presentation, in subsequent early ‘universe’ ? In other words, are they built into the System? Hence consistent with the scenario of no choice in regards to overall pattern, as the curtain rises at the end of the Dark Age?  TMM

Also see MSM page, and entanglement on modified black hole page of zankaon


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