January 24, 2013

Mayan cyclical time

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Newton utilized the assumption of the uniform flow of time. Mayans utilize a cyclicity of time, wherein a new cycle starts i.e. a re-set, and is dependent upon Mayan deities.(1) One might perhaps think of this in terms of a relay race, wherein the racers are the deities, and the baton represents bearing, and passing on, the burden of time to the next deity responsible for such next cycle of time; thus maintaining the continuity of time. TMM

1. Ifrah George, The Universal History of Numbers, John Wiley & sons, N.Y., 2000.

When one dies, one soul falls to the center of the earth,

and then enters the Milky Way;

[hence ends one’s terrestrial sojourn, while one’s celestial journey just begins].

Mayan cosmology


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