November 19, 2012

Dwarf galaxies dark matter, and globular clusters

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If globular clusters have been detected in a dwarf galaxy of our Local group, and one assumes that all globular clusters formed at the same time; then might this imply that our galaxy ( or delayed galactic BH) formed from an aggregation of such dwarf galaxies?

Might the trajectory of inner globular clusters of our galaxy be consistent with just luminous (baryonic) mass of bulge? Hence consistent with no significant dark matter in bulge? Then seemingly consistent with the bulge forming from low dark matter dwarf galaxies? Might one then have a composite model of a dark matter halo of proto-galaxy, with delayed infall of say ~10^4 dwarf galaxies (with little central DM), but associated with early globular clusters, towards center of mass of DM of such proto-galaxy? However if not enough time, then would one seem to  expect a more even distribution of dark matter, inclusive of bulge and halo?

arxiv:1211.3896  Three newly discovered globular clusters in NGC 6822
Avon Huxor, Annette Ferguson, Jovan Veljanoski, Dougal Mackey, Nial Tanvir


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