June 11, 2015

Nitrogen fixation in the open ocean, at top of food chain?

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On land, nitrogenase fixation of nitrogen by bacteria on leaves, has been discussed; see summation reference below.

In open ocean, far from land, upwelling, and currents, might any (?) bacteria with nitrogenase enzyme, in association with plankton’s surface, or intrinsic component of plankton membrane, allow for significant nitrogen fixation? Is this so for diatom and cyanobacteria? This would be in addition to any released fixed nitrogen from decaying plankton. So although such process might be insignificant on land, still in open ocean might it be a significant process for fixation of nitrogen for plankton, at top of food chain ? However rhizobium bacteria, in association with legumes, require an anaerobic environment for such nitrogenase activity. But some (?) cyanobacteria can sequester nitrogenase in heterocysts; hence avoiding oxygen environment.

Does current database of recent survey by Tara/Tara Ocean have a DNA library (archive), inclusive of nitrogenase sequence? If not, perhaps a more concentrated marine oceanic sample might confirm preliminary results as to possible nitrogen fixation at top of food chain vis a vis nitrogenase activity.

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Nitrogen Fixation in the Marine Environment


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