May 20, 2012

William Blake: imaginative myth maker

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‘…the world of imagination is the world of eternity; it is the divine bosom into which we shall all go after the death of the vegetated body…’

‘where is existence out of mind or thought?’

W.B. Vision of the Last Judgment

Where did all of Blake’s imaginative musings come from? From just above context and more, it would appear that he considered there to be a larger imaginative context than just our temporal brief visit. And then relating such latter conventional perspective to a larger context; hence constructing an imaginative mythology, such as Urizen and Los – reason versus imagination, manifested as Newton,and tacitly as Blake respectively? Did Blake seemingly have any manifested artistic representation of Los; other than himself? Was such larger contextual imaginative perspective then a more mature motivating and guiding theme for his endeavors? Is such individual effort (another myth maker – Homer) not dissimilar to other cultures’ mythological intent and attempt to relate to a larger context? Like Lascaux and Chauvet, meso-America etc ? TMM

… when one dies, one’s soul falls to the center of earth; then journeys along the Milky Way.   [thus ends our terrestrial sojourn, while our celestial journey just begins]     Mayan cosmology

glitter, glitter, little self

how I wonder what thou art …

variation on a theme

William Blake Ed: David Punter

Wikipedia: William Blake, William Blake’s mythology


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