January 16, 2013

Thermopylae; cyclical historical relationship? Another way?

In 480 BC at Thermopylae, ~300 (?)  defended (Spartan rear guard?) against an advancing Persian army.(1) Perhaps a larger monument might be considered (in step with Egyptian ways?);  for example build high and build large – a tetrahedron?

1. Thermopylae

There must have been a very early Greek positive integrated influence in Egypt, since names such as Heliopolis etc. survive. Did early Greek ​
energy, enthusiasm, and imagination, fuse with Egyptian craftsmanship, play a role in what comes down to us, in lasting  monumental memory? Should one likewise consider building high, building large, in order to further enhance remembrance of such earlier mentioned heroic event? Once again, a fusion of an ongoing cyclical historical relationship of Egyptian and Greek complementary ways, but in another setting? To remember is to …. . Were the heroic Greek soldiers not alone; fighting shoulder to shoulder, next to their ….  ?

Might seemingly ‘isolated’ desert cities be in the future? New energy, enthusiasm, combined with craftsmanship; are the times propitious for further continuation of such long historical cyclical relationship, and thus perhaps for new innovative shared leadership?  TMM

Some look at things, and ask why,

while others dream of things that never were,

and ask why not.   GBS


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