June 21, 2017

Cosmic entanglement: Do we detect and experience only a small fraction of universe’s total energy? The very early fraction (10^-12 seconds), and fermion mass spectrum

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For massive neutrinos and Big Bang fermion mass spectrum, and for assumption (comparing density number of baryons to neutrinos, as for proxy of later nucleosynthesis?) that most of mass is carried off by neutrinos, then most of mass\energy of universe(s) 3-volume becomes no longer descriptive (i.e. entanglement), until Big Crunch. Then only for extremely rapid turn around of BC to BB, is total mass/energy of universe and System revealed. Thus is what we see, detect, and experience, just a small fraction (10^-3?) of such total mass/energy of ‘universe’ for very early fraction of ‘universe’ ?

Also for << 10^-12 second, what effect might such fermion mass spectrum have on various very early processes, such as electro-weak epoch, hadron formation, and so-called still earlier superhadron (combination of more massive quarks; such as pentaquark?) formation, and clumping of gluons i.e. glueballs, and associated increasing color interaction strength?

From nature’s perspective, such early universe short time span might not seem so unusual, since chemical transition states occur, and are explored, at 10^-9 -10^-12 seconds with laser pulses.

So whether for nucleosynthesis, or for quark/gluon ‘pudding’ with quark ‘raisins’, heterogeneity would seem more typical; since randomness is just an idealization, even for mathematics.

Big Bang to Big Crunch – fermion mass spectrum

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and the last shall be first’

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