February 8, 2015

Intermediate frequency gravity wave detection from short duration GRB? Manifold stability.

If short duration Gamma Ray Bursts GRB generate high frequency gravity waves (g.w.s), and if instantaneously re-located (i.e. vis a vis entanglement) to cone of polar vortex of BH_m, might there be any long range spread of g.w.s? If so, this would assume no Law of Inertia of manifold, and thus no resistance to long range dissemination. Then for example, for redshift of z~2, at what frequency would g.w.s be detected in our neighborhood? A broader frequency range would seem markedly different from that of Ligo, which is geared to low frequency g.w.s of assumed coalescing BHs. Thus would Timing Pulsar Array (TPA) g.w. detector sample an intermediate frequency range suitable for such detection? Would sensitivity of such TPA be adequate for such considered intermediate frequency range for g.w.s?

Short duration GRB are extremely energetic. Might sudden generation of such extreme energy, contributing to stress tensor, result in extreme curvature change; hence gravity wave generation? Such energy and g.w.s allegedly would be instantaneously (no relativistic limit) re-located from interior of BH_m to exterior, in cone of polar vortex. Then subsequent gamma ray radiation is detected locally perhaps ~ 6 Byrs later. However g.w.s (deformation of manifold) would seem to have no limiting velocity of dissemination. Does the latter seem unsettling; and the former plausible? Also would such latter scenario of unimpeded g.w.s be consistent with a `sea of gravity waves`? However no reported TPA detection of g.w.s nor of such a `sea`.  Would such scenarios then focus attention on the final concern – if formed , do gravity waves spread out from their origin?

Would null results of TPA in Australia and Europe seem consistent with inertia of manifold concept? Which in turn might be considered a more specific manifestation of the more general abstraction: that manifolds are described as if they want to be left alone; that is no bifurcation nor merging, and resistant to deformation? Also are manifolds neither created nor destroyed, such as for pre-Big Bang? Thus do manifolds seem stable, both for physical, and even for mathematical, models? Hence not like delicate shimmering gossamer’s wings?

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