November 7, 2013

Magnetic reconnect: faster than light communication? Tokamak experiment

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Might magnetic reconnect be utilized for faster than light communication, in principle? Could one set up prototype relay of rapid rotating metal tori (with increased wiring i.e. solenoid) giving rise to enhanced magnetic field; such set extended to moon. Then see if embedded signal arrives, and is perhaps in principle faster than1.3 light seconds to our reflectors on moon. Set up in space an extremely highly magnetized rapidly rotating torus sufficient to generate strong enough magnetic field to give magnetic reconnect to next rotating metal torus. Thus via magnetic inductance, such as for metallic torus (with high magnetic permeability), together with increased number of wires in coil (i.e. solenoid with ferromagnetic core), and thus enhanced magnetic field, and with rapid rotation i.e. dynamo all enhancing inductance (generating) a current (associated with artificial periodicity and signal?). Thus magnetic field enhancement sufficient enough to generate a sequential magnetic reconnect, and so forth out to vicinity of moon?

Perhaps variations on Tokamak accelerator:

Has magnetic reconnect experiment already been demonstrated, with external energy instantaneous relocation shifting? Entanglement? Thus in principle an exception to quantum and relativistic models for such communication gedanken experiment? Might this years soon to be launched MMS Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission satellites shed any additional light on herein alleged instantaneous magnetic re-connect?

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there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

than are dream’t of in your [models].

variation on WS theme


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