June 10, 2015

Quasars – a galactic wide process?

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Why are not quasars seen in Hubble deep field, if such deep field is 1-2 byrs after Big Bang (BB)? What is the quasar spatial number density per redshift space; compare to galaxy number density? What is the observed quasar/galaxy ratio; is there sufficient observable space for adequate galaxy numbers?

Might quasar be just starlike (x-ray emission of active galaxy shifted to optical; as compared to uv redshifted of what we see optically?), indicating perhaps a still earlier time of maximum quasar / active galaxy?

Maximum star formation, and supposed greatest number count for quasars, overlap at ~1-2 byrs after BB. Also standard lore has galactic black hole and jetting accounting for such quasars. However is this just an assumption?

Recent observations of Fermi bubbles would seem to suggest a galactic wide process for their formation and persistence.


Might not quasars also be from a galactic wide process, unrelated to galactic BH and jetting? For example, since associated maximum star formation era, might not copious massive star formation, and ongoing supernova formation, give rise to a galactic wide process that we observe as a quasar? Is it more central like a blazar, and in sense of viewing such galaxy close to face on; luminosity varying with viewing angle?


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