November 16, 2017

da Vinci workshop – prefrontal cortex

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Might just the prefrontal cortex be sufficient hardware? Hence accounting for the rest of neocortex seemingly underutilized? Might extensive connections to prefrontal cortex be consistent with such assessment? Is very little hardware/software required? Such as just smart phone simulation of most of our daily routines, habits?

Might then the emphasis, on broad evolutionary tree of life stage, be perhaps that of devising new software for such prefrontal hardware?

However is such prefrontal hardware/software far out on a twig of such virtual tree of life; susceptible to storms, internal and external – hence an experiment of nature?

Phylogenetically i.e. in evolutionary sense, is such homo sapien brain mass too powerful in proportion to body mass? That is, dinosaurs survived for ~150 million years with small brain to body mass. 

So does such powerful brain require internalization of culture to shield itself from the harshness of our own nature, individually and collectively? Just as external culture shields us from the harshness of nature.

Blow, blow thou winter winds,

Thou art not so unkind as man’s ingratitude …  ws

Might the functional networking of prefrontal cortex dendritic play itself, with just a logistic role (such as mitochrondria,  neuro- transmitters) for body of neuron, be preeminent?

Also, in selective evolutionary sense, might external social supportive networking (bureaucratic, extended family, peer group etc.) represent the brain’s attempt (i.e. as if) to further stabilize functioning of such too (?) powerful instrument; an engine too powerful for the vehicle?

​da Vinci


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