May 19, 2013

Radio source: a new way to detect hot Jupiters? Our Jupiter as a FM modulated radio emission? Sustainable amplified energy from giant planet`s magnetic field?

Might a hot Jupiter’s orbit be near, or intersect, a corona of it’s host star? Do all stars have a corona, and hence (?) magnetic field? Might such hot Jupiter have an internal organized current (ionized hydrogen plasma flow; similar for a star?) with magnetic field and magnetosphere, like for Jupiter? Might any hot Jupiter magnetic field per se, or also interaction of such hot Jupiter with it’s host star magnetic field, give rise to electromagnetic radiation i.e. radio source?

Compared to Jupiter, might one have a plasma current arising from the atmosphere of such hot Jupiter, or from any Io-like moon? Might there be flow into polar region, associated with a more intense magnetic field, and a cone like directionality to radio emission? Might there be both rotational and orbital periodic modulation of such radio emission? Hence another way of confirming hot Jupiters’ existence? However might not a cold gas giant for such same system also perhaps be a radio source; hence obscuring such confirmation?

Jupiter has a magnetic field; so too for 2 jovian moons, and for our sun. A plasma stream from Io, together with Alfven waves (jovian Aurora borealis?), creating a torus, and then flowing into polar region of Jupiter’s more intense magnetic field, giving rise to radio waves? Would such radio wave emission give rise to a cone like directionality?

For such hot Jupiter, or for our cold Jupiter, might any advanced technological civilization (including us, now?) residing in such system, modulate the frequency of such partial directional radio source, embedding an artificiality, such as harmonic wave of given frequency? Are we the aliens? Jupiter’s radio transmission is probably just noise-like over a radio frequency bandwidth. Thus via Fourier analysis could one break down such set of frequencies, looking for an artificial periodicity; wave number pi?

Would a sustainable sufficient energy source for such modulation be difficult? Via magnetic inductance such as for ferromagnetic surface (with high magnetic permeability), and for such satellite’s orbital motion, together with increased number of wires in coil (i.e. solenoid with ferromagnetic core) and thus enhanced magnetic field, with rapid rotation i.e. dynamo all enhancing inductance (generating) a current (leading to an artificial periodicity of electro-magnetic emission); thus deriving electric energy from such magnetic field?

Jupiter’s radio emission probably has a noise like spectrum. However one would not need a wave pulse as a ‘signal’; rather a harmonic wave of given frequency, and hence of any (or interesting?) wave number, would seem to suffice to reveal an artificial frequency embedded in Jupiter’s noisy radio emission.

A resultant radio transmission range of how many light years; a beacon denoting present or past technological civilization? Perhaps a small Cubesat piggyback launch to jovian system? In contrast, wouldn’t periodic optical reflective emissions  (or better yet, from a laser?) from current lunar orbiters, have a much deeper transmission range than such embedded radio transmission?

So might one be able to generate a sufficiently powerful and sustainable current from magnetic field of our Jupiter or Saturn to be useable for a continuous space beacon?

How might such energy be stored? Perhaps utilize such generated current to drive an electric motor and then utilize a gyroscope stabilized fly wheel to store energy.

Might one utilize such more powerful energy storage process to look for a gaseous/liquid deeper interior interface with amplified ground penetrating low frequency radar? That is, irregardless of incidence angle, might one be able to ascertain a change in signal consistent with a physical phase change i.e. physical interface? Hence addressing and answering the question of whether or not Saturn and/or Jupiter has a liquid or gaseous interior circulation accounting for respective magnetic fields? Might a cube satellite prototype be utilized to initiate exploration of such considered planet`s magnetic field source of a sustainable amplified energy supply for such ongoing experiments?    TMM


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