June 9, 2013

Galactic bulge stars – red dwarf fission stars?

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Would any lack of gas, molecular clouds, or dust, for our galactic bulge, be consistent with an older origin of such more central structure in our galaxy? If stars have not been well resolved; might yet one have a strong infrared signature? If so, might the latter be consistent with so-called fission stars, which would last almost indefinitely? Or are red dwarfs very old?

Might this be related to opaque (photons and ionized hydrogen interaction – giving a pre-recomination appearance) appearance of such bulge of our galaxy? That is, an overall infrared signature, and slight optical detection, of a vast array of older red dwarfs in bulge of our galaxy? Also globular clusters form early (stellar age up to ~12 byrs?). Might such clusters not have a strong infrared signature, consistent with no older red dwarfs? Or did red dwarfs form just at maximum star formation at z~2-3? Might red dwarf fission stars have any strong X-ray signature secondary to gamma rays production associated with fission? TMM


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