September 24, 2016

Neutrino magnetophere retention; charged particle enhancement of magnetic field?

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What is alleged incidence of solar neutrino per square centimeter penetrating us? Or is such a question just lore?

Wouldn’t massive neutrino with a magnetic moment be deflected by earth’s magnetosphere; then perhaps ‘sliding off’, and escaping to outer solar system? Or would such captured neutrinos flow into one of earth’s magnetic poles, and end up accumulating in center of earth; or re-cyclng in magnetosphere? If so, how many neutrino would accrue, for our magnetosphere, over age of earth?

For charged particles of solar wind – likewise? Also over 4.6 billion years, has this contributed to strenthening of magnetic field? Any other effect of accumulation of charge over such long period of time?

Might the stronger magnetic field of Mercury, despite it’s smaller mass, have been enhanced by capture and retention of charged particles from more intense solar wind, for over billions of years? Hence consistent with such effect (albeit comparatively lesser extent?) for earth?

If all stars, including compact objects, have a magnetic field, then a contribution of charged quanta to enhancement of such field? Thus also for black hole, an accumulation, and influx of charged quanta recycling in internal and external magnetosphere; giving rise to a charged compact object?


June 11, 2014

Is there ongoing local maximizing of information generation?

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In comparison to alternative scenarios, is there local ongoing maximizing of information generation, as well as entropy? Consistent with Modified Set Model generality: that is ongoing mazimizing of cardinality of modified sets?

Entropy and information is generated locally (and maximized in comparison to alternative scenarios?); and not on modified global scale, in SRM/MSM models. Are there any specific working examples?

(1) Might modified black hole with polar vortex and jet, in comparison to conventional BH, be a comparative example of enhanced information and entropy generation?

(2) Is phase space rearrangements for left and right handed massive neutrinos and anti-neutrinos, with all 4 species gravitationally interactive, such as for dark matter candidate; consistent with more information and entropy generation, in comparison to such quantum interactions?

(3) Fermion mass spectrum, as opposed to just 3 generations – more consistent with ongoing comparative maximizing of information and entropy generation? But then only transient asymptotic freedom energy range, and also then no GUT (grand unified theories) models; thus obviating some (all?) inflation models?

(4) Is the existence of mass (longitudinal polarization) per sae in our ‘universe’, in comparison for example to de Sitter like massless model, more consistent with such alleged ongoing comparative maximizing of information?

(5) Is Electro-weak interaction, and hence flavor changing, consistent with more interactions and hence comparatively more information generation? Also the weak interaction is essential to Big Bang nucleosynthesis; and would seem likely on a finer higher energy scale for all stages, and just revealed at rm minimum stage (i.e. as what we perceive as Big Bang) in SRM model. Would alleged ongoing finer scale nucleosynthesis and such weak interaction then be consistent with alleged ongoing maximizing of information generation?  see SRM c/p/c 62 consistencies/predictions/conjectures.

(6) Rationalization for Dirac neutrino, in comparison to massless neutrino, or to massive Majorana neutrino. see SRM c/p/c 140.

Reiterating, might one consider such alleged incessant ongoing maximizing of information generation as if analogous to a computational program ever striving to minimize itself; hence might the System (from local perspective) seem to have an ongoing maximizing of efficiency description? Thus does the System, a set of 3-manifolds, from local perspective, have the appearance of an engine – maximizing efficiency, wherein there is an alleged ongoing maximizing of information and entropy generation, in comparison to alternative scenarios? see SRM c/p/c 104, 105, 111, 211 at zankaon web site. TMM

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April 19, 2012

Supernova in ultraviolet? GRB in Large Magellanic Cloud and surrounding superclusters?

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Might one view Large Magellanic Cloud supernovae in UV as well as with optical, gamma ray,  and neutrino telescopes? Hence seeing deeper, since reduced optical cusp, such as in viewing globular clusters and blazars? Might some asymmetry be apparent, or not, suggesting different viewing angle? Likewise might any directed neutrino and gamma ray production depend on such asymmetry i.e different viewing angles? Might a SN/GRB data base be built up just from LMC and nearby superclusters; thus including Virgo, Coma, Perseus? Might just duplicating Agile and Fermi-LAT, but dedicated in gamma rays just for southern hemisphere, be sufficient? TMM

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