October 19, 2016

A sense of rhythm – a stable evolutionary strategy?

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Was the first musical instrument, a bone with holes in it i.e. a recorder? Or perhaps beating 1 or 2 bones/sticks on a suitable surface? But not currently for a chimpanzee, since a lack of rhythm for any such activity. Hence the requirement of rhythm to convert noise making to musical sound.

Would chanting (with a nascent sense of rhythm) seem more primitive than commencement of language sounds?

Might a developing rhythmic sign language, enhanced selection for fine motor control, and hence cerebellar development, go hand in hand?

Would a distant journey be easier with a rhythmic cadence, as now?

Was our species’ upside breakout (i.e. dominant population expansion) ~200,000 years ago, related to selection for cerebellar development i.e. new connections?

Hence might rhythm, and accompanying cerebellar brain connections, development, and/or their takeover, be required for initiation of music and language? Thus was the road to music and language a rhythmic one – a stable evolutionary strategy, relating more to cerebellum than just neocortex development?




December 29, 2011

3 part harmony? The mighty trio

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M.L.  in the pulpit with exhortations

Bach at the organ with Tocada and Fugue in D minor

And Mozart in the audience reflecting: ‘can I get an opera out of this? ‘

December 26, 2011

End to mathematics?

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Assuming no new categories, might further mathematical interrelatedness

eventually decline? Perhaps another universal language (music) might

help. Is there an end to new music? For n components, one would have 2^n

combinations. And for mathematics, for N components, one would have 2^N

combinations. Since N>>>n, then 2^N>>2^n; thus one would have to assume

the end to new music, before consideration of the end to new

mathematics. TMM

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