October 6, 2016

Martian stromatolites?

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Might there be detectable stromatolites on Mars; left over from long ago nascent life? Perhaps would an all planet survey with synthetic aperture radar (SAR), with resolution of ~ 10 cm, suffice?

synthetic aperture radar



March 6, 2016

Mars geological probe?

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As part of a Mars lander, might one drill with say 1-2 cm bore probe, with a burr head; and somewhat further proximal, a laser light and associated spectroscopy, including infrared? Thus further ascertaining element/mineral content, and nature of any ice-like strata? Sub-surface apparrent ice can’t just consist of hydrated minerals, can it? The drilling could be quite slow and intermittent, with supplemental solar energy input.There would be no sampling and no casing problems.

Alternatively, might surface Martian glacier(s) be suitable? However the problem of hitting rather small target area. See blog on drone exploration.

October 6, 2015

‘Pyroclastic flows’ on Mars?

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Might the narrow flow gullies for northern wall of an impact crater for Terra Sirenum, and more recent higher resolution photos, be from sub-surface frozen CO_2 that sublimates with temperature increase, and carries debris with it downhill? Might a mixing of gaseous-ness and debris allow persistence of such gaseous mix for along it’s flow tract – giving a ‘pyroclastic flow’ effect?

July 25, 2015

Back lighting of Mars, as a control for Pluto’s atmosphere?

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Might one utilize back lighting of Mars, as a control, for detecting and confirming it’s atmosphere? Then compare Mars’ 3-4 millibar atmosphere findings to that alleged for Pluto? What did other instruments show in regards to Pluto’s atmosphere?

The long range before photos of Pluto were translucent i.e. hazy. Was this due to optics and/or camera? Likewise might a haze to backshot photo of Pluto be due to such longer range effect of optics and/or camera?


December 22, 2012

Mars’ alternative geological history

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Does Mars provides an alternative simpler geological history to that of Earth? What would the Earth look like if it had no crust, but rather just cooled down mantle? Like Mars, with olivine, feldspar etc. as detected on Mars’ surface by Curiosity foot pad analysis? Would such scenario of just cooled down mantle seem consistent with the homogeneity of walls of Vallis Marinaris? So does Mars appear to have had no tectonic plate motion resultant effect, such as subduction etc.; thus no resultant lighter weight continent formation?

December 23, 2011

Pre-tectonic oceanic plateau?

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Was there oceanic plateau formation for before plate tectonics era? Perhaps later, plateau gave rise to terranes along west coast of nearer equatorial positioned N. America. Might Mars serve as a model of what pre-tectonic earth  era looked like? Are there plateau on Mars? If not, would this then be consistent with such plateau formation for after commencement of plate tectonics? Might plate tectonics have started in middle or later Archean (1-2 Byrs after origin) for Earth? TMM

December 22, 2011

Mars’ pre-tectonic model?

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Might Mars serve as a pre-tectonic model for Earth? For example, no continents, no mountain building nor deep oceans? And does homogeneity of Valles Marineris, as opposed to Grand Canyon, suggest homogeneity for Earth’s pre-tectonic environment? Might recent ‘footprint’ analysis by Curiosity indicating feldspar (?), olivine etc., suggest more of a cooled mantle, rather than any crust? Thus does the homogeneity of Valles Marineris then suggest just a cooled mantle? TMM

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