February 27, 2017

Entanglement of past, present, and future?

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Utilizing wide-angle perception i.e. entanglement, might the past, present, and future be more inextricably intertwined than thought?

That is, in addition to our brief moment on the stage of life, might we also be part of a very large set – perhaps even divergent?

If the latter is so, then would one not have endless reoccurances of the same, and also variants, life experience (genetic and cultural) ? This would be consistent with the concept of MRT, Modified Replication Time (1).

For a divergent set, might one transform a temporal series of such life experiences into a spatial ensemble, another rendition inclusive of endless repetition of the same life experience, as well as endless variations?

For such a divergent set, then the past and future would seem to be the same; that is all inclusive in regards to such endless repetition.

Hence are we limiting our perception in considering just 1 element i.e. self, of perhaps a divergent set? Are we both finite, and also concurently, infinitesimal? A play that never ends?

… hold infinity in the palm of one’s hand
W. Blake

1. see MRT in SRM Spiral Rotation Model, and on zankaon web page.


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