July 10, 2017

​Infrared distance from time duration for motion detection?

Filed under: Letters from Ionia — zankaon @ 12:56 pm

For nearer to earth objects, might one utilize low resolution infrared camera to detect motion for various time durations? That is, for motion detected for shorter duration, then object of course is closer, in comparison to infrared object further away, which would require a longer duration for motion detection; hence a rough linear scaling as to object’s distance – such as for further inapparent KBO (Kuiper belt objects), or red dwarf companion etc.?

One could even use infrared time to motion detection for Puto as a fiduciary for KBO distance; that is whether an object is a KBO, or closer/farther away than ~ KBO distance.

Might one even detect a slight infrared glow from Oort cloud? That is, even though the number density is probably very low, still at our great distance might it have a slight infrared presentation – not unlike Milky Way infrared glow from red dwarfs?

However might dust account for any such possible detected torus like Oort cloud glow? At millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength, wouldn’t one detect such dust?

So for near to earth objects, is even the Oort cloud possibly detectable, but in the infrared?


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