April 19, 2012

Supernova in ultraviolet? GRB in Large Magellanic Cloud and surrounding superclusters?

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Might one view Large Magellanic Cloud supernovae in UV as well as with optical, gamma ray,  and neutrino telescopes? Hence seeing deeper, since reduced optical cusp, such as in viewing globular clusters and blazars? Might some asymmetry be apparent, or not, suggesting different viewing angle? Likewise might any directed neutrino and gamma ray production depend on such asymmetry i.e different viewing angles? Might a SN/GRB data base be built up just from LMC and nearby superclusters; thus including Virgo, Coma, Perseus? Might just duplicating Agile and Fermi-LAT, but dedicated in gamma rays just for southern hemisphere, be sufficient? TMM


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