February 14, 2012

Planetesimal of comet material at Lagrange Point of overlaping ‘Oort’ clouds?

Our Oort cloud of cometary objects is a significant fraction of light year away; http:// the true outer aspect of solar system. The Orion nebula is ~1300 lyrs away; and it’s visually contained Trapezium of 4 stars is ~1600 lyrs distance? http://…28astronomy%29  Each such star is ~ lyr apart. Assume for simplicity that such stars were of 1 solar mass (perhaps 10-20 solar mass?), then in principle any respective cometary clouds might overlap. What distribution of comet objects would one have? Reducing 3-body problem to 2-body, gives Lagrange Points. http://  So might a planetesimal of cometary objects aggregate at such Lagrange point for such close stars? Would an infrared telescope be able to test such a model? TMM

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