February 14, 2012

Moon particle detector?

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If LHC etc. are bumping up against limits of empiricism, in regards to luminosity etc., and the atmosphere is a much less dense medium for passive detection, perhaps there is a third possibility. That is, could one utilize say 100 ft of moon rock, or perhaps just a foot (?) of glass substance etc. of a given extent and depth? And sensors in the substance or beneath. Cosmic rays of protons, nuclei etc. of course would be the source from AGN or supernovae. For a moon based cosmic wave detector, various substances could be explored here, for in accelerators. For example, put slabs of various substances, with varying thickness, to ascertain interactions induced at a lower energy, to get an idea for suitability. Then use a 6 ft by 6 ft mosaic of various substances and thickness as a medium with detectors embedded or below. TMM

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