December 31, 2011

Not even ‘ghosts of departed quanities’?

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Having neared the major axis of elliptical orbit at perihelion, there has been zero offset from all previous orbits for 4.6 billion years. Thus same orbit and invariant period? A perfect chronometer i.e. perfect accuracy? Likewise for our manifold, and simultaneously (mod global simultaneity MGS), for all other manifolds in SRM model, for at minimum radius from mod global central force? That is, has there been zero offset of such modified global trajectory for geometric center of our manifold for over divergent cycles? Thus same trajectory and invariant period; a perfect chronometer i.e. perfect accuracy? Compared to our limited measurement accuracy, would nature appear to be perfect in it’s accuracy, even for outside a manifold? Would a reciprocal of any transfinite (i.e any infinitesimal) not be as accurate as nature? Nature’s counter example (for herein speculative model) to the ‘unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics …’ ? Or nature, the perfect geometer? Thus in SRM one utilizes infinitesimal (with cardinality of 1/integers) for 3-manifold and for 1-manifold cosmic time (MTCs), such as for our ‘high perch’; also finite from another (our) perspective. But also SRM has even an apparent perfect accuracy description; wherein not even infinitesimal deviation occurs for all cycles; not even ‘ghosts of departed quanities’ ? ‘ TMM


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