December 27, 2011

‘3-body problem’, indicating climate change?

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Could one use Mar’s atmosphere as a proxy for climate change on earth? That is, if any recent possible cooling is related to decrease in solar constant, then the thinner Martian atmosphere could serve as a proxy for climate change on earth. That is, heat input to thinner Martian atmosphere, and resultant heat and atmosphere re-distribution, could be traced by dust. Thus such change may lead to a data set of dust storms, serving as a proxy for change in solar constant. If the incidence of dust storms has been low since 1976 Viking landings over ~25 years of warming (due to solar constant increase). Then if there is recent cooling due to decrease in solar output, perhaps a resultant increase in dust storms. Currently, as of end of 2012, Mar’s is having it’s first dust storm since 70’s. So if cooling, then confirmation by observation of frost once again, like for Viking 2 on Dec 9, 1977? Cratered Charitum Montes region on Mars, dusted with white carbon dioxide frost from European Space Agency’s orbiting Mars Express, December 6, 2012. Would this then represent a ‘3-body problem’ in regards to climate change, using Martian thin atmosphere, and dust as tracer of atmosphere re-distribution, for consideration of solar constant variability as a source of climate change on earth? TMM


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