December 26, 2011

Torque a hurricane?

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Might one torque a hurricane? That is alter the angular momentum vector? In other words, cause a hurricane to wobble, like a figure skater initiating spinning, and then pulling in just one arm; hence wobbling; and perhaps altering it’s course. Hurricanes have sort of linear motion of slow 10-15 mph. Such tight low pressure heat engines of course get their fuel from endothermic evaporation of warm sea water fuel. Then ‘up the chimney’, and condensation to form water droplets initially, an exothermic process. The resultant energy and differential cooling can result in internal winds. Might one run military plane engines slow and dirty, releasing as much pollution or silver iodine as possible for over about 200 miles for one quadrant of hurricane only? Thus more condensation and rain, and thus more energy released for wind creation? So increasing angular velocity, and decreasing the moment of inertia – more so on one quadrant, even though there is redistribution of energy. That is, more tight coiling on one side. Would this have to be done persistently, in order not to miss a quantitative effect? But would this be of insufficient energy input?

Perhaps an orbital space mirror (or array) of appropriate shape, to focus solar heat on just outer aspect of 1 quadrant to enhance wobble; resulting in evaporation of droplets, and thus energy uptake, and resultant angular velocity and moment of inertia change, similar to above? However perhaps just too rapid re-distribution of energy in form of change in winds, with no wobble? Of course, this would only be for a hurricane headed directly towards 1 of 2 large population sites i.e. Houston or New Orleans. A viable experiment? A lot more additional heat would favor evaporation of droplets and would be endothermic; hence less energy available, and thus hopefully diminished winds, even without a wobble. Perhaps test the process on a typhoon, far from populations, for directional change, or diminution of winds. TMM


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