December 26, 2011

Geology and life: 2 part harmony?

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It’s not a coincidence that the plasticity and adaptivity we call life

evolved on a geological active planet. If there was not the latter, then

no liquid outer core, and no dynamo effect with protective magnetosphere

shielding us from the solar wind. Such unimpeded wind would erode away

the atmosphere and oceans.

A fault not residing with nature, but with our overwhelming successful agriculture,

has resulted in a hugh population. Nature’s Malthusian ways will ensue, if we are not more careful.

A large population is more vulnerable to natural disasters. Urbanization and

education are negative feedbacks on demographics. Such geological and

biological evolution has been with us for a very long time.

It would be highly improbable for it to end soon. Once life takes hold

on a geologically active planet (even perhaps for an ice covered rogue

planet) , it would seem probably quite robust to perturbation. If our star becomes  a fission star

after using up it’s hydrogen fuel for fusion, then surface water and life would seem unlimited.  TMM


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