December 25, 2011

Why is there something, rather than nothing?

Why is there something, rather than nothing? An ancient question that is an assumption, based on Law of Excluded Middle. Could there be both?

‘The opposite of a great truth is also a great truth’ – T. Mann

For example, the opposite of null (empty set) is the non-empty set, such as the set of integers, or the finite sets we experience. Also a lesser context can define, and complement, a greater context, and vice versa. That is, each is defined by what it is not i.e. its antithesis. For example, the antithesis of quanta and spacetime model’s manifold; that is, if we throw away quanta and manifold i.e. continuity, what is left? So what if our ‘universe’ manifold, or a divergent cyclical set of total universes [each total universe is comprised of a set of 3-volumes]; hence non-empty set with 1:1 correspondence to integers), has a greater context of simplest case  i.e. null set? Could this be indirectly inferred; of course without ‘perturbing’ such alleged greater context? Such as by observation of large scale streaming and introducing a central force, suggesting multiple ‘universes’ i.e. multiple 3-surfaces?  TMM


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