December 25, 2011

Galaxies in filaments; a different evolution?

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Might there be galaxies in filaments? […laxy]

Structures and deep in voids have a different evolution from that of

galaxies in clusters? One has a tapestry of superclusters (clusters of

clusters) and of larger voids; with filaments leading(?) into rich

clusters. How might one distinguish any differential evolving history of

galaxies in filaments or voids vs in clusters? If there were late

formation of most of mass of galaxies in filaments/voids, might they

have more gas, and thus more star formation i.e. starburst and more

emission lines? Would there be less dark matter (DM)

[] in galaxies in filaments/voids?

How would one ascertain this? By extent/lack of flattened rotation

curves [] for spirals? An

extended flattened curve referring to more DM further out; the original

discovery route of DM.  TMM


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