December 23, 2011

Stable orbits for hot Jupiters?

Filed under: Letters from Ionia — Tags: — zankaon @ 12:53 am

Would it seem reasonable that so-called ‘hot jupiters’ have some sort of stable resonance i.e. have a stable orbit? If one utilized our stellar system as a simulation, with the addition of a hot jupiter, then what would the resonance be? Would it be calculated as ~non-integral? Then if our cold gas giant were discarded, would this then seem to change the resonance; and hence change the possibility of a stable orbit? Thus might the data set of hot jupiters of approximately 70-100, all have systems with no cold gas giants? Would this then also be consistent with a 3-body scenario, with ejection (or effectively, since thrown into wide orbit?) of a cold gas giant and inward migration of what becomes a hot jupiter in stable orbit? Hence would one have the prediction of no cold gas giants for any hot Jupiter system? TMM


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