December 23, 2011

Does frequency scale with mass impact, or movement?

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Might one utilize hydrodynamic simulation to address the question of whether frequency changes with mass impact; and it’s application to gravitational physics? For example, dropping a small versus large mass into a liquid (water or oil), and in comparison to 100 meter diameter meteor impact in ocean, or crust; or different mass comets’ impact into Jupiter. Amplitude would seem to scale in regards to mass; why wouldn’t part of energy be distributed into frequency?

Contrarily do all gravity waves, from coalescing black holes cases (with different total mass), have the same frequency? Is this then a general pattern for all wave phenomena? Also pendulums of the same length, but of different mass, have the same period and thus same frequency. Is this somewhat similar to frequency being independent of impact mass discussion?

Other wave phenomena examples: Might earthquakes and tsunami have respective invariant frequencies; with any difference in energy channeled into amplitude? Might earthquakes, gravity waves, and all wave phenomena, taper off like damped oscillations; giving unchanged frequency, but diminished amplitude? If one speeds up the recording, would this stretch out the trace, revealing any change in frequency? Would such generalized mass impact and damped oscillations effect apply to all wave phenomena?  TMM


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