December 22, 2011

Stable orbits for hot Jupiters? Angular momentum transfer?

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Would it seem reasonable that so-called ‘hot jupiters’ have some sort of stable resonance i.e. have a stable orbit? If one utilized our stellar system as a simulation, with the addition of a hot jupiter, then what would the resonance be? Would it be calculated as ~non-integral? Then if our cold gas giant were discarded, would this then seem to change the resonance; and hence change the possibility of a stable orbit? Thus might the data set of hot jupiters of approximately 70-100, all have systems with no cold gas giants?

Would this then also be consistent with angular momentum transfer for 3-body scenario, with ejection (or effectively thrown into wide orbit?) of a cold gas giant and inward migration of what becomes a hot jupiter in stable orbit? Hence would one have the prediction of no cold gas giants for any hot Jupiter system? Also tidal locking, via angular momentum transfer, for such hot jupiter? 


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